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Completely control a remote computer


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This free program is really impressive. You can completely control the mouse and keyboard on a remote computer in which you install this application.

It is possibly the most efficient program of its kind, as it is very fast to control from the internet, between networks, or on the same local network, with some fantastic results.

This package installs the server (necessary on the computer that is going to be controlled) and the client viewer (which you will need to run on the computer from which you want to have control of the other computer).

Its operation is very simple, you run the viewer, enter the IP of the computer you want to control, enter the password, and go. You will have control of your mouse and desktop from a window on another PC desktop.

You can set a password to access the server, view the controlled PC in window or full screen, use different resolutions, and even enable shared control from multiple clients.

Do not hesitate, if you want to manage a PC from home or at work, this is your solution.

The program is free under GNU license and this package includes the client viewer and server (install it on both computers).